If it plugs into the wall, we'll take care of it. From the equipment itself all the way to the end of the plug.


From new installation to existing equipment repairs, we have you covered.


Including but not limited to steam cooking equipment. We are also a certified Accutemp repair and installation company, including warranty work.

equipment repair akron

Let's talk about the problem with your equipment.

The most important thing is to have an accurate accounting of the problem with your equipment so that we can make an educated assessment of the issue. This will help expedite its repair as well as keep your cost low.

troubleshooting your equipment

I'm here to help you. First thing's first: make sure your equipment is properly plugged in. Second, check that your breaker is not tripped. On gas equipment, make sure your gas supply is adequate. With steam make sure your sensors are clean and free of debris.

equipment repair

Next Steps...

Equipment still broke? Just looking for a little advice or how to troubleshoot? Give us a call.